All Aboard!

All Aboard…the paddle board that is!

Living in California these past few months has definitely helped me become more active. I am excited to let you all know that my new pastime is stand up paddle boarding (aka SUP).  Here are a few reasons (okkk yes another list) why paddling is my latest obsession.


  • It is a full body workout-I can 100% admit it, I am not the most coordinated person. I love working out, but when it comes to flexibility or balance…well let’s just say I’m a klutz who can’t reach my ankles, let alone touch my toes! Oh sooooo i definitely didn’t understand how in the world I was going to balance on a board. I was a bit hesitant the first time I tried paddle boarding because I just pictured a blooper reel of my day filled with me falling off over and over and over again. Luckily that did not happen! I actually didn’t fall at all. What I did learn is that although it is a low impact and relaxing activity I definitely consider it a workout. It really all depends on the day and what you want to get out of it. I tend to go for around 1.5-2 hours at a time. Sometimes I just relax and even sit down and paddle, but other times I focus on working my core and trying to increase my endurance. On windy wavy days it’s definitely a challenge and an incredible workout. I tend to feel it most in my abs, shoulders/arms, and back muscles . If you’re looking to mix up your workout regimen and live near a harbor, bay, ocean, or lake it’s definitely a must do! 
  • It is relaxing– I have found that paddle boarding can really help me take my mind off of things. A few people told me spending the day on the water can be just as relaxing as a spa day, and although I believe it is pretty hard to beat a day filled with massages and cucumber water I can agree it really is peaceful. As I mentioned above, sometimes I just sit down on the paddle board instead of making it an intense workout. It is nice to do for an hour during a stressful work week to really take time to focus on myself. It can be relaxing both solo or with a couple of friends. I have found it can be a social or individual activity and what makes it fun is that each time I paddle it is a completely different experience.
  • seapaddleI get to see sea lions– I have been paddling on lakes as well as the ocean/bay/harbor. If you happen to live in Southern California, I strongly recommend paddle boarding in the Newport Harbor right by Balboa Island (I usually can find a Groupon deal!) I love admiring the many different styles of houses and cottages along the edge of the island and viewing sun bathing sea lions. They layout in groups on the back of docked and anchored boats and really know how to enjoy themselves. If you haven’t been around sea lions up close and personal it really is a sight to see!