My Summer Syn

Having attended a Jesuit school I heard a lot about how everyone sins, but no need to worry for those of you that like keeping things light! This summer I’m not sinning (well who knows, maybe I am), Im SYNning. Yep, I have a new obsession and its SYNERGY (raspberry chia to be exact).

synWhat is Synergy?

Raw and organic Kombucha drinks that are created by the company GT. The products are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

What is Kombucha?

It is a fermented fizzy drink. It s main ingredients are tea and scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The bacteria part may sound scary, but it really is not. That is why I love synergy. Kombucha can have many positive effects on your health, and that’s why I choose to trust the professionals. If you have ever heard negative thoughts on Kombucha it is most likely related to homegrown and homemade Kombucha. Some novices are not assuring a safe process. This is just like when people choose to make beer in their garages; if not done correctly it may not be safe. I thought I would put that out there, but please don’t fear. I love Kombucha!

Why do I love Kombucha and Synergy?

It is a well rounded health drink. It is a great source of probiotic bacteria and helps with digestion. My favorite is Synergy Raspberry Chia. Although there are lists of the health benefits, I only preach what I have actually experienced. After drinking this drink I really do believe that I have felt energized and my digestion has been positively affected. Plus it is delicious. It may not be everyone’s cup of (fermented) tea! I love tart drinks, so this is perfect for me. Plus this particular one has chia seeds in it, which is definitely more filling and a great source of Omega-3. I was a little under the weather last week, and it definitely helped me get through it. I have also heard it can cure hangovers…I’ll let you know if I’m ever in that situation. I love this grab and go drink, perfect to drink on your way to work!

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on Kombucha or Synergy. I know there are many opinions in the fermented health foods and drinks area and I would love to hear what you think. But seriously try the raspberry chia synergy if you love tart drinks and care about your health! I get mine from The Fresh Market, but Whole Foods and other stores sell it too.