A Room With A View

I love to travel! Expect a whole section devoted to traveling in the future. I guess some people have different definitions of a vacation or traveling, but pretty much for me if I stay somewhere that is not my home and get to relax, then I’m traveling.  I am about to move to the Newport Beach area, which already sounds like a permanent vacation to me, so my Dad decided to take me on a celebratory graduation/my daughter has a full-time job mini vacation before my big move. The destination of choice: The Ritz Carlton Resort of Naples.

I am currently back at home where I grew up in the Miami, Florida area and Naples is just shy of a two hour drive away, so it is very easy to get to and saved us money (no need to buy a plane ticket). I hope to take mini trips like this around California once I save up some dinero from my new job.

This is really just a recap of my trip, no recipes or workout tips from me today. A balanced and ideal lifestyle includes travel so hopefully I can inspire some spontaneous trip-taking. Also I would love to hear your favorite travel destinations (I am always looking for new places to dream about), comment please.

Five favorite parts of my two-day vacay (in my go-to list style of course):

1. We had a room with a perfect viewIMG_8811



2. The Food!!! My mornings began with fresh watermelon juice, mimosas, smoked salmon, eggs, and delicious fruit and berries. I splurged and had to have a piña colada, because who doesn’t at a resort, am I right or am I right?!? My lunches consisted of caprese salads, shrimp cocktail, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Lastly, I had scrumptious dinners that included risotto, crab legs, halibut, and champagne. Overall a success! Such an awesome graduation present.


IMG_88443. A turtle got lost on the beach and I found him wondering about under my Dad’s beach chair. She or he also ate an apple and a banana along its journey . Healthy turtle?? I think so!

4. Oh so…I swam out to a sand bar and found hundreds (I’m serious) of sand dollars and saw a star fish. I admired them from pretty close, but did not touch!

IMG_88315. The fact that it was a father-daughter get away! It was such a perfect trip to experience together right before moving to the complete opposite side of the country.

I love that I got to relax and unwind during the planning of this somewhat stressful but oh so exciting move that officially takes place in 3.5 days. ( Post idea: how-to guide dealing with moving and reducing the stress involved. Let me know what you think!) The Ritz Carlton Naples Resort is definitely at the top of my list of best vacations!

Peace out ♥