Why I Dry

I am just going to jump straight to the point, I LOVE DRY SHAMPOO!

My life has been extremely busy lately, which makes this post oh so apropos. Why? Because I am always on the go! As a girl on the go I have noticed that there have been some changes in my routine. I don’t always have the time to work on my hair AND make up AND get dressed AND make it where I have to go AND do that allll over again! One of my changes has been the way I focus on my hair. Oh so why do i dry?? Here ya go!

dry shampooo

  1. Less washes– You have probably heard before that it’s not healthy to wash your hair everyday, but what if that’s just the way you like it?? Well this really helps! I tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days, but if I push it, that’s when I bring in the dry shampoo. It truly rescues me from grease or frizz and brings back that day 1 shine. Just picture yourself washing your hair only 2-3 times a week!! Think of how much more time you have for new, fun, non hair washing activities.
  2. Lock in those locks– When I curl my hair, I tend to worry about the curls not lasting and slowly dying as I yell NOOOOOOO in slow motion until the last curl drops. I know that hairspray has its place and half does it’s job, but adding a bit of dry shampoo to each lock that I curl seems to help keep silkiness as a priority, and I might sound crazy but I haven’t been yelling as many slow motion NOOOOOs.
  3. Haha to humidity– This mainly comes in handy during my trips back home to the MIA! Humidity once controlled my life. Every time I worked on my hair and left the house and my hair decided to explode into a frizzy humid cloud I would lose a bit of hope in having silky hair, but I now make sure to pack this in my travel case and life in the 305 has become less stressful…now I just have to worry about getting burnt by hot leather car seats and steering wheels yippeee!
  4. Swear off the sweat– Wanna know something about me that might scare you off?? I sweat alot! Yeah I said it. Maybe that’s why I had to leave Miami…whatever it’s cool. So I have found that this dry shampoo stuff/ miracle/whatever you want to call it has truly come in handy, obviously/especially after long hot work outs. My latest workout obsessions are hot yoga and cardio barre, both which lead to me sweating bullets. To be honest, I got into this dry shampoo (a recommendation from my friend Madi. Go Mad! You rock!) because of this very reason. I was introduced to hot yoga and slowly started to like it (future post alert) and then grew into loving it, but there was something holding me back…my hair! I feel like my thick hair can take over my life and I didn’t want to keep going to yoga and leaving with a sweaty rat’s nest on top of my head before work, so I sought out a solution and after trying some suggestions, Lush’s No Drought became my favorite dry shampoo. I can now get my vinyasa on and make it to work without looking like I have sweaty Chewbacca hair (no disrespect to Chewie of course)! So this has pretty much been a life saver.

Do it! I Dare you! Use that Dry!