Go-To Brunch Cocktail… The Strawscato

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m a brunch gal! I love brunch. I also like things to be simple and sweet, especially on a good ol’ Sunday early afternoon or any day for that matter! I think it is because whenever I eat something sweet I wish I could have something salty right there with it, and brunch seems to be the perfect solution to my oh so troubling sweet vs salty battle. And what goes perfectly with this sweet and savory meal? Well, a cocktail of course! I’m a sucker for the traditional Mimosa, Bellini, and Bloody Mary, but I like to simply mix things up every once in a while.

Well, one Sunday afternoon I was mixing and matching and came up with The Strawscato! Whether you think the name is awesome or a bit odd, just know it’s delicious and extremely easy to make. Make it for your next get together and your friends will be calling you the cocktail queen (or king)!

Okay, let’s get down to business!

IMG_8603Recipe (for 3 glasses)



I take the strawberries, lemon juice, and grapefruit zest and put them in a blender. I use the Magic Bullet short cup. Next, I blend the ingredients for about 45 seconds. I like the fruit on the bottom effect, but for a complete blend I recommend around 1 minute. Then just pour around 1-1.5 teaspoons of the strawberry blend into your wine flute and fill the rest of the glass with the Moscato. Remember to pour slowly to avoid the bubbly foam at the top or a possible overflow! Just repeat with the next couple of glasses.


  • Feel free to top it off with some mint or add a strawberry on the rim. Don’t be afraid to add your own creative touch!
  • Why did I choose the recipe to be for 3 people? I guess my brunch parties tend to have around 3-6 people so it is easy to double or triple the recipe! It may serve another glass depending on the size of the strawberries 🙂
  • It is just as easy to make a Strawsecco. Just substitute your favorite Prosecco in for the Moscato and voilà! You are now a Strawscato and Strawsecco making master!

The Slide

Let’s talk about the “Slide”, and I’m not referring to the main attraction of a playground. To be honest, I just recently started calling it the Slide because I was pretty much in a state of denial and originally didn’t even realize it was happening for a while. Okay I’m done building suspense. So what is this Slide I’m speaking of? It’s the health slide. In my case I like to think of it as my college health slide, but it can occur at different points in people’s lives.


Think of a playground slide:

First you have to get up to the top of the slide before you can even slide down. You may have fun climbing up, but you still have to exert more energy than, lets say, watching a marathon of Lizzie McGuire (side note: you’ll soon learn about my LM obsession. I’m not embarrassed at all to say I will binge watch this show for the rest of my life).

Getting up to the top of the slide still was pretty easy though, like working out when you’re younger when everyone is trying out a new sport and gym is forced upon you or eating healthy because your parents were there making sure you didn’t eat ice cream for breakfast.

But then you’re up on the top of that slide and no one is around you and you have two choices. You can slide down and run around the playground and climb back up again or you can slide down and decide you’ve had enough and go back to that comfy couch waiting around the block. That was college for me! I was on top of that slide, I felt on top of the world, and I had so much to look forward to. But unfortunately when it came to my health I started down that slide and it took me 4 years (give or take a few weeks each year) to realize I never climbed back up. I left that playground behind and became best friends with my sofa.

Now I’m a little bit older and have to exert a lot more energy to climb back up. I’m working on reversing the effects of the slide and I hope to help others not get stuck on the slide like I did!

Oh So…What have I learned from my college slide?

I shouldn’t have pushed away my sporty side! I grew up playing sports and running. I am very competitive. Once I was in college, I started looking at exercising as a chore, because I had forgotten how much fun it was. If a gym workout or a 3 mile run on the treadmill isn’t for you, just remind yourself that playing soccer or volleyball doesn’t have to end at high school graduation. I told myself only the best players continued playing in college, but it isn’t true. There are intramural or community teams and I wish I would have taken advantage of that. I am currently taking my advice by getting back into playing tennis with my friends. I am having a great time and my arms are starting to look like their old selves again…maybe I’ll be passing out some tickets to the gun show soon 😉

That thing called the “Real World”

This transition has made me feel oh so…excited, terrified, grownup, naive, professional, overwhelmed, pumped, and so much more. So what is this transition that has motivated me to start blogging as a creative outlet, but if I’m being honest mainly for my sanity? Well its my transition from being a college student to a working gal in that thing people call the “Real World”. I guess in order for anyone to understand how I am oh so feeling about this Real World thing it is important to know the path I’m on right now. I like to babble and can get pretty wordy in person, so I’m trying to change that in my writing. I’ll keep it concise.

The day the Real World became oh so real

Start of journey: Just graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May with a BBA in information systems and a minor in visual communication (graphic design). Now I’m back home in Key Biscayne planning my move to California (Newport Beach area) to start my career.

What I have learned: Moving is complicated. Moving is thrilling. I don’t know what this Real World thing truly is, but I’m learning that may just be the point.