Oh So Apropos is a lifestyle blog focused on all things appropriate and relevant to what is going on in my life and the world around me.

Why a Lifestyle blog?

I’m at a transitioning point in my life and am definitely growing as a person. I believe that during a time of change people truly learn a lot about themselves. I feel that I will learn things about myself that I never knew, but I also feel that this time of transition will also help me solidify the facts I know about myself, including who I want to be, what I want to do, and what I love about myself. A healthy lifestyle involves everything in moderation and a well rounded way of living. That’s why I can’t just focus on one topic, because it wouldn’t include all that is oh so apropos.


What inspired me to start blogging?

As I said above, this time of change has definitely motivated me to start blogging. I just graduated and feel that in the pursuit of a degree I put aside a lot of things I am passionate about or need to focus on. One is my health. That encompasses many different areas, which I am excited to explore in this blog.

Another factor in my choice to write is the fact that I am entering the workforce. I will now be switching from answering the questions “what college do you go to?” and “what is your major?” to answering “what do you do for a living?”. That is a huge deal to me. As I will expand on, I love the business world. It has always intrigued me. If you asked me to describe my college experience, you would hear me go on and on and on about the business fraternity I was in, Alpha Kappa Psi. I am entrepreneurial at heart and am now starting my first full time job. I have already learned so much from interviewing, to accepting job offers, to moving for a job and can’t wait to help aspiring business women and men get closer to their dreams. I hope to expand on my life as a working young woman and the triumphs and possible struggles (hopefully not too many) I may encounter. I believe that one’s job should not be the only thing you do every Monday through Friday and I hope to help other working men and women to learn how to reach the ideal work-life balance. It may be a time of trial and error, but I plan to stay positive and offer tips along the way!

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