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As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently living in Southern California. I am enjoying the lifestyle out here very much. One of my favorite parts of the lifestyle is how health and fitness is a high priority. You all know I am on a mission to take back my health and this new environment is definitely helping me.

This is what I have learned so far:

  1. Do not try and mimic someone else. I love to keep up with different lifestyle and health bloggers as well as fitness experts, but at times I just wanted to copy their workouts and meals verbatim. I learned that part of what has motivated me to keep working out is adding my own creative touches as well as paying attention to my body and how it is reacting to my daily routines. I recommend using these people and their healthy habits as inspiration and guides, but pay attention to your body and don’t be afraid to draw the line on some things that are just not for you.
  2. Feeling great leads to looking great. Of course I want to look great, but I learned in the past that when I focused on every calorie and jumped on the scale everyday it did not seem that healthy. I have really been working on changing my way of viewing health and fitness. I now celebrate each day that I take the time to workout and don’t shame myself when I feel that I need a break.  I know how hard I am working on changing my habits which is positively affecting me both physically and emotionally.

    New Point of View — PC Kaitlin Marron

  3. Mix it up. I mentioned this briefly in The Slide. After writing that post I have found that mixing up my workouts has really been helping me. I have made sure to take advantage of what Southern California offers. Lately, in a typical week, I go to two yoga classes, go the gym twice, hike one day, go on a walk, and go for a run. I have even tried paddle boarding, which I will discuss in the future. This mix has been working for me. I no longer try and avoid working out, because I am not sick of a certain workout or location due to the mix-up.
  4. Set short and long term goals with incentives. Incentives are always great and I personally love having things to look forward to. That is why I make sure to set short and long-term goals. For a more short-term goal I have a deal with my friend Lindsey that if we work out 7 hours a week for two months we will reward ourselves with a lulu lemon outfit. We have decided to make it a long-term goal as well that extends until new years to make sure that our short term goal does not lead us to stopping our good habits. We have not decided our long-term incentive yet, but we figure we have two months to come to a consensus! I have also signed up for a half marathon (more info to come), which is another long term goal of mine.
  5. Shout, shout, let it all out. I may be copying Tears for Fears, but why not?!? Don’t be afraid to let people know of your choice to focus on your health. This blog is one of the ways I am doing so. It allows me to make sure I keep on it. If you let your friends and family know of your plans, they will support you and it really does help with staying on track, if not I am always here to offer advice. I am not an expert, but I once was in your shoes! We all have to start somewhere.

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