Stop Whining, Start Wining

Before I elaborate on my wonderful wine tasting experience at Wine By The Bay in Miami, I thought I would quickly point out the fact that my last two posts just so happen to be about “grownup beverages”. Yes, I love wine and fun cocktails, but I do believe it is better in moderation…now that I have graduated from that crazy place called college. Anyway, I could not resist sharing my wine tasting experience!

I am going to be honest. I love wine tastings but am also pretty new to them. As of yesterday, I have been to five wine tastings in my life. One in Indiana, two in North Carolina, one in Chicago, Illinois and now one in Miami, Florida. I can not wait to get my butt out to Napa Valley, but I guess I am starting with wine tasting baby steps. I got my mom this wine tasting present off of Groupon and you know it just so happened that it was a wine tasting for two. I’ll admit it was in the back of my head that maybe she would bring the lovely daughter that gifted her this experience, and she did!


The Selection

I could go on and on about the great selection that Wine By The Bay has and how quaint and casual the location is, but I want to get down to business (talking about my experience). Just make sure to click on the photo to check out this modern wine boutique’s website.

I thought I would just make one of my lists to let you know some of my favorite things about the wine tasting. Here it goes:

  1. It had a very intimate feel. The tasting was at a table and benches that only sat ten people and then there were chairs circling the table with about twelve more people. My mom and I made sure to get there early to get a seat at the table! (I had gotten her a wine tasting gift to this same place two years before, so she made sure that we nixed the idea of being fashionably late)
  2. The theme was Spanish wines. There was a selection of eight wines, with a majority from the Rioja region. We made our way from easy going whites that still “pack a punch” to smooth reds and ended with a sweet dessert wine.
  3. Liz and Kasey made the experience! They were extremely knowledgeable and energetic. They were the perfect pair and made us feel as if we were their good friends invited over for a causal night of wine drinking and girl talk.
  4. I loved all wines, which may be a problem if this keeps happening in the future. The relatable Kasey mentioned she struggled with this problem, but I guess there are worse issues in this world than never being disappointed by fine wines.
  5. They served cheese!

Oh So Selfie

If I could I would have bought a bottle of each of the Spanish wines, but we decided to go with two. We chose a red and the dessert wine. They are the Alto Moncayo Veraton (perfect with chocolate) and the Pedro Ximenez Triana Hidalgo (which tasted like a fig newton). I am a red wine gal, but wanted to branch out. That is why I chose the dessert wine instead of another red or a light white. The fig newton taste was like an elementary school lunch snack blast from the past with a sophisticated twist of course, and I just couldn’t pass it up.  

Wine is a new found passion of mine and hopefully this is just the beginning of my wine tasting ride. Cheers!

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