That thing called the “Real World”

This transition has made me feel oh so…excited, terrified, grownup, naive, professional, overwhelmed, pumped, and so much more. So what is this transition that has motivated me to start blogging as a creative outlet, but if I’m being honest mainly for my sanity? Well its my transition from being a college student to a working gal in that thing people call the “Real World”. I guess in order for anyone to understand how I am oh so feeling about this Real World thing it is important to know the path I’m on right now. I like to babble and can get pretty wordy in person, so I’m trying to change that in my writing. I’ll keep it concise.

The day the Real World became oh so real

Start of journey: Just graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May with a BBA in information systems and a minor in visual communication (graphic design). Now I’m back home in Key Biscayne planning my move to California (Newport Beach area) to start my career.

What I have learned: Moving is complicated. Moving is thrilling. I don’t know what this Real World thing truly is, but I’m learning that may just be the point.

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